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December 2, 2003

Volume 3: In Response (2003)

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Editorial by Robyn Tucker and Emily Potter, Altitude, Volume 3, Editorial, 2003.

‘Responsibility’ is entangled in much contemporary debate. The work in this edition of Altitude engages with a variety of notions about both responsibility, and the issue of response. It ranges from responsibility as a humanist ethic – one that perhaps inevitably fails to be met; the question of responsibility at local, national and global levels; and the shifting imperatives of the geo-political in terms of responsibility and difference.

These issues are introduced through illustrations of active responses in various presents, and reflections on responding to, and taking responsibility for, past actions. Response opens to further response and, as these pieces demonstrate, engagement and debate never conclude a concern, but are persuasive acts highlighting critical junctures in responsibility.


Gay Breyley, Displaced Mothers Respond: Intergenerational Responsibilities in and Around the Texts of F.A. and Lily Brett: PDF
Kaaren Blom, Response and Responsibility: Communities in the Wake of Disaster: PDF
Susan Hawthorne, Responsibility: Personal and Global: PDF


Patrick Allington, Reading and Reacting to Cambodia: Review
Rebecca Johinke, Traffic, Number One, 2002: Review
Barry Judd, Robert Foster, Rick Hosking, and Amanda Nettlebeck. Fatal Collisions: The South Australian Frontier and the Violence of Memory. Wakefield, 2002: Review
Karen Turner, Ann Curthoys. Freedom Ride: A Freedom Rider Remembers. Allen & Unwin, 2002: Review


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