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December 2, 2004

Volume 4: Justice and the Global (2004)

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Editorial by Robyn Tucker and Emily Potter, Altitude, Volume 4, Editorial, 2004.

This edition of Altitude seeks, in a small way, to explore new and circulating ideas of justice and the global. The terms ‘justice’ and the ‘global’ are themselves variable in meaning, and so we consider the work presented here as opening up complex questions: the machinations of neo-liberal politics and the collectivisation of ‘global’ experience as a fall-out of September 11; the unpredictable and potentially political nature of the global commodity, that slips between corporate and more humanitarian discourses; and the implications of ‘global’ discourses of genocide, particularly in relation to the question of ethics. From the relation between justice and globalisation, to the purchase of human rights in light of the ‘war on terror’ and dominant discourses of reconciliation and cultural genocide in Australia today, this brief is expansive and, as the articles in this edition suggest, inconclusive – a reason to keep on thinking and questioning.


Christine Nicholls, Postmodernity and September 11 2001 – Life Imitating Art? Art pre-empting Life? An Australian Perspective: Article
Susie Khamis, Mambo Justice: An Unnatural Alliance?: Article
Patrick Allington, Playing devil’s advocate: reflecting on Samantha Power’s ‘A Problem From Hell’: America and the Age of Genocide: Article


Jim Ife, Review of Mahmood Monshipouri, Neil Engelhart, Andrew Nathan and Kavita Philip, Constructing Human Rights in the Age of Globalisation, M.E Sharpe, NY, 2003: Review
Barry Judd, Review of Bartholomew Dean and Jerome Levi (eds), At the Risk of Being Heard: Identity, Indigenous Rights and Postcolonial States, University of Michigan Press May, 2003: Review


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